Print Screen causing computer to freeze?

Sometimes we seem to forget the setup we use for development and treat test machines as regular computers.

Wanting to capture the desktop screen of my test computer I realized that pressing the Print Screen key freezes everything (including keyboard and mouse). Apparently the only option left was the RESET button on the frontal panel. . . . → Read More: Print Screen causing computer to freeze?

Another Beginning?

When I started this blog I had high hopes that learning a new technology, working on a new project and posting here at least once a week will be an achievable goal.

I was wrong. And the only thing I could do was to accumulate material in any shape or form. Now I have a . . . → Read More: Another Beginning?

A New Beginning

About a year ago Polisoft Design was born as a forefront for a small consulting company dedicated to embedded system design and focused primarily on (but not limited to) Solid-State Lighting Engines and General Lighting Control. While the initial enthusiasm was great, finding lighting projects proved to be difficult and the first project (a M2M . . . → Read More: A New Beginning